【Unipin Event – II】

Hi UniPin’s Master!

Don’t even say you are fans of RPG games if you haven’t played Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria. Let’s play the game and don’t forget to top up at UniPin!

Because Dawn Break will provide rewards for those of you who top up using UniPin. Want to know what rewards can you get? Come see and follow this one event!

Extreme Recharge Dawn Break With UniPin
Event Period: 12-22 September 2018

Terms and Conditions :
1. Top up Dawn Break: Legacy of Valkyria uses UniPin Express / UniPin Wallet / UP Express Card / UP Gift Card Wallet Gifts.
2. Event applies to all denominations available at UniPin.

Reward Denomination
10,000 » Items x2 X4, Gold Coin X25000
20,000 » items x2 X10, Gold Coin X50000
50,000 » Epic Hammer X5, Medium Skill Tome X30, Energy X30
100,000 » Shard X3 Epic Glove, Epic Weapon Shard X3
200,000 » 3 Star Fairy Amulet X1, Amulet Epic Spirit X3
300,000 » 3 Star Hero Pack X1, Amulet Epic Spirit X3
500,000 » 3 Star Hero Pack X1, Starting Fairy Amulet X1
500,000 » 3 Star Hero Pack X1, 3 Star Fairy Amulet X1, Amulet Epic Spirit X6

3. Every 1 (one) UniPass account will only get 1 (one) reward during the event period.
4. Rewards will be sent a maximum of 7 days after the event period ends.

What are you waiting for?
Come on, get the special items and fight deadly enemies! Don’t forget to top up using UniPin!

Get it now on Play Store: http://bit.ly/DawnBreak
Register Unipin now: https://www.unipin.co.id/registration
UniPin vouchers can easily be found at https://www.unipin.co.id/wheretobuy