【Maintenance Announcement】

Server maintenance is scheduled from [GMT+7] Aug 1st, 14:00 until next announcement. Please be prepared to get offline and return to the journey with Nia after the maintenance!

Please do not update your version before maintenance to avoid potential issues After maintenance, Side Story 1 will be closed; Side Story 2 will be opened.

Also, Morakot’s Sword Event will end. Please exchange your “Morakot’s Sword” as soon as possible.

For more information, check out the announcements in game.

1.【System】FB Share
2.【Shop】Added refresh function in Diamond Shop
3.【Fairy】Players, rank up to 60, will get each 6&8 hours dispatch mission
4.【Challange】Space Crack Unlocked!
1.【Skill】Adjusted skill information of Heroes
2.【Guild】Reward will be given at least 1 guild member does check-in
3.【Co-op】Adjusted to dropping all kinds of spirits every day
4.【Space Crack】Fixed the bugs of Fifth Space 21F-30F and Sixth 1F-20F
5.【System】 Fixed minor BUGs