【Exclusive Summon】

【Sallia Exclusive Summon】
Event Duration: [GMT+7] Aug 15th, 16:00 – Aug 29th, 13:59

Sallia is ready to be summoned. You can get awesome discounts for doing 10x summon and start now, for The 3th of Exclusive Sallia Summon 10x Draw guarantees Dark Hero-Sallia, and 5x Summon Rate for Dark Heroes!

Don’t forget, every summon you do will give you Shop Currency “Dragon’s Eyes” to exchange Sallia Shards and other rewards in【Event Shop】!
Get【Dragon’s Eyes x100】with 1x Summon
Get【Dragon’s Eyes x1000】with 10x Summon

※For more details, check out Lobby – Summon – Exclusive Summon