【Consume Reward】

Event Duration : July 18th, 16:00 – July 25th, 13:59

This event is for masters who used diamonds during the event period. By using diamonds, masters will get rewards depending diamonds consumed

Here are the rewards you can got for specified diamonds consumed:

Spent 150 Get Beginner Skill Tome(78) X35
Spent 500 Get Diamonds(50) X 200
Spent 1000 Get Uncommon Fairy Dessert(24) X 35
Spent 2500 Get Hero Shard (Morakot)(10043) X5
Spent 4000 Get Hero Summon 10x Draw Ticket(61) X 1
Spent 5300 Get Hero Summon 10x Draw Ticket(61) X 1

In addition, after the event, 10% of the Diamonds consumed will be returned! So don’t hesitate to use your diamonds to power up early on!!