【Close Server】

Hi Master, We know in every journey, there will always an ending. Eventhough in this short moment, we have been through a fantastic, joyful adventure until now. We would like to apologize for our lack and mistakes we’ve made, we know we are still far from perfection, and we thank to you all wonderful masters, for all the effort, time, and support you have given to us until now.

Dawn Break team must tell you, that the game itself will be officially closed soon. We did our best to fix every issue that we have, we struggled so much, but in the end, we can’t get any support from our partners anymore.

With unwilling, heavy hearth we need to tell you, Dawn Break – Legacy of Valkyria will be closed on October 26, 2018, including Servers, Services, Game Server, and Website

It’s an honor for us, Dawn Break – Legacy of Valkyria team can play with you. All feeling that couldn’t be described, we have felt it together since we served you from the first time we met. We are very grateful for it.

As our last gift, there is an event that we arrange with Dance On Mobile, whoever have a will to join, you all will get one of Exclusive Random Set below:

Fox Set – Permanent

Snow Shu Love Set – Permanent

*We will provide you the link to claim it on October 26, 2018 here

Once again, thank you so much for every Masters around the Valkyria, but this great memories should be ended.

See you on the next adventure, Master~