Game Info

Game Info

Getting started in Dawn Break
In the new player guide, you’ll learn how to control your hero, following the story and play through the tutorial process.

Minimum System Requirements

– iOS 7.0 and above

– iPhone 6 or better

– iPad Air or better


– Android 4.1 and above

– Devices with 1.5G+ RAM

Heroes, Fairies and Items

Each Hero have some unique skill. More longer skill duration will cause more damage into enemy.  Rank up the hero star will get an extra advantage

Fairy is a companion. She will help you in the battle. Each fairy have an unique skill. Rank up the fairy star will get an extra advantage.

There are several items that you can use for boosting your hero might. There are: Equipments, Spirits and Costume.

Game Modes

Follow the story and conquer the empire!

– Trial of Wealth (Get a lot of Gold Coins)
– Trial of Limit (Get Skill Tomes and Hammers)
– Eternal Tower (Monthly rewards and Eternal Roses)
– Trial of Hero (Get Hero Shards and Exclusive Equipment)
– Trial of Emeperor (Get Gems and Emperor Emblems)

– Arena (Get Equipment Ore and Arena Coins)
– Co-op Battle (Get Spirits and Co-Op Emblems)
– Battle Royale (Get Hero Potions and Royale Emblems)
– World Boss (Get Fairy Deserts and World Badges)
– Space Crack (Get Diamonds and Costume Cards)