Frequenly Ask Question

Q: What is Dawn Break?
A: Welcome to Dawn Break, Master. Dawn Break is a console quality action packed RPG. Multiplayer fight with your friends again challenging bosses. Enjoy the game with intuitive control, great graphic and voiced by top Japanese voice actors and actresses (Rie Tanaka, Ryohei Kimura and Hikaru Midorikawa).

Q: What is minimum system requirement?

– iOS 7.0 and above

– iPhone 6 or better

– iPad Air or better


– Android 4.1 and above

– Devices with 1.5G+ RAM

Q: How to play Dawn Break?
A: Just login into the game then select the mode you want to play. Use virtual pad for direction and button a for attack, button b for skill, fairy button for fairy skill, ultimate button for boost hero ability and change hero button.

Q: It is free to play?
A: Yes, Dawn Break is free to play. You can sign-in using Guest account, Facebook account, Google account or Prodigy account.


Q: How to recruit a Hero?
A: You can recruit a hero by collecting enough Hero Shard. You can get Hero Shard through Summon or completed elite stage.

Q: Who is the strongest hero?
A: Every hero has its own advantages and disadvantages. So we couldn’t tell you who is the strongest.

Q: How to train a Hero?
A: You can train a hero through hero menu. Click Hero, then click. Select upgrade. You need [Item]Hero Potion to upgrade Hero level.

Q: How to equip an equipment to a Hero?
A: On the Lobby, click Hero. Then click Equip. Select an equipment to equipt or select Auto Equip for faster.

Q: What is Skill?
Each Hero has 5 different skills, longer skills deal more DMG. To use skill:
Skill 1 B
Skill 2 AB
Skill 3 AAB
Skill 4 AAAB
Skiil 5 AAAAB
Upgrade skill to deal more DMG in battle.

Q: What is Spirit?
A: Spirit can greatly enhance the role abilities. Each character can be equipped with 6 Spirits. The same Spirit equip two or four will start the set effects. You can get spirit from Co-Op Battle.

Q: What is Costume?
A: Each hero has a specific costume. To wear a costume you can go to hero menu and click costume. Slide to choose a costume. Costume will make your hero charming and add additional ATK.


Q: What is equipments?
A: You can use equipment to increase Hero Might.

Q: How to forge and upgrade equipments level?
A: On the Lobby click Hero, then click equipment.  Choose an equipment and click forge (need other equipment as material and [item] hammer). After successful forge your equipment star will increase. To forge an equipment, choose an equipment and click upgrade. (need [item] equipment ore to upgrade)

Q: How to get equipments?
A: You can get equipments from drop items in Adventure Stage.

Q: What is Equipment Rank?
A: There are five different ranks: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

Q: What is Exclusive Equipment?
A: Each Hero has his and her own exclusive equipment, collect them for more bonus and unique appearances.



Q: How to recruit a Fairy?
A: As same as to recruit a Hero, you must collecting enough Fairy Shard to recruit a fairy. You can get Fairy Shard through Summon or completed elite stage.

Q: How to upgrade a Fairy?
A: On the lobby, click fairy and then click “train”. Choose a fairy that You need fairy desert to upgrade fairy level.  You can get fairy desert from fairy dispatch (focus), Exchange (focus), Quest and Medal.

Q: What is Fairy Bond?
A: Acquiring different fairies will unlock Fairy Bonds that grant Fairies and your Heroes new abilities.

Q: How to promote a fairy?
A: Collect enough fairy shard to promote a fairy. When your fairy star increase, another ability unlocked.

Q: How to Combine Gems?
A: On the Lobby, click Fairy and then click Combine. 5 same level gem can synthesize a higher class random gem.


Q: How to buy items in Mall Shop?
A: You can use Google Play Credit or Unipin Credit.

Q: How to buy items in Exchange Shop?
A: There are several types of Exchange:
– Diamond Shop, exchange Diamond with Gold Coin.
– Co-op Battle, exchange Co-Op Emblem with Spirit.
– Guild Raid, exchange Brave Badge with equipments, spirit dusts, fairy shards and hero shards.
– World Boss, exchange World Badge with equipments, skiil tomes, fairy deserts, fairy shard and       hero shard.
– Costume, exchange costume card with hero costume.
– Event Shop, exchange Event Token with hammers, equipment ores, skill tomes, exclusive weapon, and hero shards.
– Battle Royale, exchange Master Emblem with equipments, EXP 2x, hero potions, fairy shard and hero shard.
– Arena, exchange Arena Coin with equipments, coin 2x, equipment ores, fairy shard and hero shard.
– Eternal Tower, exchange Eternal Rose with equipments, hammers, fairy shard and hero shard.
– Emperor, exchange Emperor Emblem with fusion gems, gems, jewel chest, fairy shard and hero shard.



Q: What is Adventure Mode?
A: You can follow the storyline through Adventure Mode. And also some feature will be unlocked after clear some chapter. You will get more equipment in the adventure.

Q: What is Elite Adventure?
A: Same as Normal Adventure Mode, but more difficult level  and more higher rewards such as fairy shard and hero shard.

Q: What is benefit reach 3-star in Adventure Mode?
A; Collecting star to open Rank Reward Chest.

Q: What is Trial Mode?
A: If you are confused running out of items then you must try Trial Mode. There are several Trial Mode:
– Trial of Wealth, get a lot of Gold Coins.
– Trial of Limit, get Skill Tomes and Hammers.
– Eternal Tower, monthly rewards and Eternal Roses.
– Trial of Hero, get Hero Shards and Exclusive Equipment.
– Trial of Emperor, get Gems and Emperor Emblems.

Q: What is Challenge Mode?
A: Prove your strength through Challenge Mode:
– Arena, get Equipment Ore and Arena Coins.
– Co-op Battle, get Spirits and Co-Op Emblems.
– Battle Royale, get Hero Potions and Royale Emblems.
– World Boss, get Fairy Deserts and World Badges.
– Space Cracj, get Diamonds and Costume Cards.


Q: What is Daily Quest?
A: Complete Daily Quest to get Daily Reward. You can check Daily Quest in Quest menu.

Q: What is Main Quest?
A: Complete Main Quest to get Player Exp and other reward. You can check Main Quest in Quest menu.

Q: What is Medal Quest?
A: Complete Medal Quest to get World Badge, Brave Badge, Guild Point, Master Emblem and other reward.  You can check Medal Quest in Quest menu.



Q: How to change game setting?
A: Click on player portrait on the upper left. Click “Setting”. You can change sound volume, control, graphic quality and others.

Q: How to check ID number and other features?
A: Click on player portrait on the upper left. Click “Info”. You can see your nickname, ID number, game version and other features.

Q: How to change language?
A; Click on player portrait on the upper left. Click “Info” and the click “Language”. Choose a language.

Q: How to redeem a coupon code?
A: Click on player portrait on the upper left. Click “Info” and the click “Coupons”. Insert the redeem code and click “OK”

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